Cease & Desist

Yesterday we received a forwarded email containing a copy of a “Cease and Desist” notice from Antifash Gordon. The notice was originally addressed to the Torch Antifa Network, and also contained the legal names and addresses of individual anti-fascists outside the Torch Network. In this letter, Gordon demanded that we take down our statement, or else he would sue the Torch Network and the named individuals, based on economic damages he claims he has suffered in his personal career. In the cease and desist, he threatens a lawsuit through the State of New York and demands that all discussions, documents, and identifying information about anyone who discussed him within the Torch Antifascist Network or with the other named parties be retained.

Although he did not see fit to send a copy of the letter to the email associated with this blog, we have removed the statements in question in order to protect those named in the letter from public identification.

A portion of the Cease & Desist from Antifash Gordon